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Our approach

MYCO is an innovative and international company. Companies in Italy, Europe and the USA use our services and platforms. MYCO has consolidated itself in the HR Tech and HR Innovation market thanks to the daily confrontation and improvement with our customers and their attention to the development of Human Capital.

At MYCO we have developed integrated, multilingual solutions with proprietary in-house developed technologies and algorithms. Thanks to the team's expertise and strategic consulting, MYCO accompanies large companies, SMEs, headhunters and work agencies throughout the talent management cycle. Last, but not least, we benefit from the competence and professionalism of trained and qualified partners.

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The components of our team are managers and professionals with consolidated experience, convinced that the new approach to change and to organizational improvement is made of participation and innovation.
We work on these foundations to increase the success of companies and the success of the people who work in them. This is why MYCO is the ideal partner for companies and HR managers and people management supervisors.

Why choose MYCO

  • Simplicity
    All MYCO solutions are in cloud and designed to be easy to use and manage. We develop highly user-friendly IT platforms that comply with the latest laws and industry guidelines.
  • Scientificity
    We support HR with specific training for all users, founding our programmes on established theoretical assumptions, analyses and statistical validations certified to the highest degree.
  • Innovation
    We develop innovative solutions both from a technological and content point of view, integrating the most advanced psychometric concepts with the dynamics of artificial intelligence, to look to the future of HR and Talent Management.
  • Flexibility
    Our products and solutions are extremely customizable for a complete integration with HR processes, instruments and tools already present in the company.